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We sincerely hope that the outcome of this program shall be the starting point of many tangible projects to support women entrepreneurs across Pakistan. I am thankful to Almighty Allah wow give me respect that I am attaining the goals with every passing day.

Furthermore, millions of women of all ages are unemployed or under-employed, and also because of new ways of working, they may have little or no hope for ever-finding paid working positions. It is only through starting their own business that they may be able to earn a decent living, to take part in society, contributing share to economic development and prosperity.

The primary objective of this podium is to sponsor women’s imaginative talent to their fullest extent and for economic and social reasons, we need to have more women entrepreneurs contributing their state-of-the-art¬†ideas to solving problems that they face, now and in the future.

Looking forward to your vigorous participation in this dynamic endeavour to create a non-stop collaboration with women’s entrepreneurs, business leaders and startups.

Together, we pledge to raise economy, investment and generate revenue with our joint unswerving efforts.

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