The Fatima Jinnah National Female Journalist Pride Awards 2023 (We Made the Difference)

101 Incredible Women Corporate Dinner

Fatima Jinnah National Pride Awards - 2021

The 101 Incredible Women of Pakistan is organizing an event “TheFatima Jinnah National Pride Awards 2021” in observance of National Day of Pakistan 14th august to endorse the spectacular work of Incredible women of Pakistan. As it is an established fact that women have always played the major role in society, and their voices needs to be heard. The detail of program is as follow;

Creating History

The primary objective of this podium is to sponsor women’s imaginative talent to their fullest extent and for economic and social reasons, we need to have more women entrepreneurs contributing their state-of the- art ideas to solving problems that they face, now and in the future.

“Creating a world of opportunities.”

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